Wynne Leung

My name is Wynne Leung, I’m a Canadian artist currently living and working in San Francisco, California.

Three years ago after a traumatic experience I fell deep into depression.

I began to make art after work and was surprised at how it soothed my heart and allowed me to feel my emotions. From that space I developed a habit of art making in the evenings as a means of self-understanding and compassion.

The curiosity from this healing lead me towards reading about art therapy; which I have applied in my own art practice and found it to be very helpful in creating a space to create. 

Upon feeling strong on my own I wanted to volunteer and give back to organizations that believed the same as I did: that art heals. I felt safe, empowered and thankful with Creativity Explored and the Kids & Arts Foundation. Where I had the privilege to make art with adults with learning disabilities and children at the hospice. It inspired me to host art making events in tech offices around the city hoping to create space for us to connect together. 

I then discovered my truth about creativity: That our creativity is an opportunity to share together to cultivate a space for healing.

Today, I make art on a daily basis, attend evening classes at the California College of Arts and volunteer once or twice a month. During the day I am a Senior Product Designer on an incubation design team in the Tech sector of San Francisco. I practice non-violent communications; and lead with emotions. I strive to speak clearly in my conversations to create a space for compassion, peace and empathy. 

My dream is to get into grad school. To have the time and space to further develop the research on the arts as a means for creating space for mindfulness and compassion. I am so grateful for the instructors and organizations that I've been able to share space with. Thank you for making space for us to feel like we matter. 

Creativity Explored
Kids & Art Foundation

Mel Prest
Patrick Dintino

Thank you for your time. To see my current work please follow me on Instagram.

Wynne Leung

Wynne Leung Venice Beach, California

Wynne Leung
Venice Beach, California