Wynne Leung

My name is Wynne Leung, I’m a Canadian artist currently living and working in San Francisco, California.

Two years ago at a challenging time in my life; I found healing through the arts. The freedom to self-express became a safe space to understand myself compassionately. Having had a stressful childhood, I feel extremely fortunate for this moment right now - to have freedom, autonomy, time and space to self-express.

I'm also really thankful for the people and organizations in the city who make time to build and create space for this self-expression to take place. It is truly a blessing and through it I have been able to make more art and feel like I belong. Thank you.

Creativity Explored
Kids & Art Foundation
Clay Night with Matt Goldberg

Mel Prest
Patrick Dintino
Lanny Weingrod

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Wynne Leung

Wynne Leung Kelowna, BC

Wynne Leung
Kelowna, BC