San Francisco

July 12, 2019

One day, I’ll look back at this I think and be able to feel at awe at all the stories I created so far.

Cam and I are selling our household items and today a woman named Ashley came to pick up our air purifier. I saw her coming out of her awesome SUV and opened the trunk; out came a bouncing basketball. I saw her and I asked, “do you want me to plug this in to see if it works?”; and she replied, “no, I trust you!” and then went on to explain that she’s using the machine to help with her dandruff.

I felt inspired by Ashley. Made me think of how proud I feel about her and how much we have in common.

Somehow that got me thinking about how it’s actually really hard living in SF for me and somehow I did it. I’m still alive. I kept all my jobs; and maybe I don’t have that much swagger but I am awesome and I am exactly where I belong. I belong here because I am also really awesome like Ashley. I somehow; am creating the life that I wanted. 

I felt alive. I felt inspired by Ashely and moved. I did a great job here. Irregardless of how it works out at Adobe I made an incredible effort and I did a great amazing and awesome job here in the US. I’m going back now, to go home in one piece. I have great health and I will so much miss the awesome people here that like me, really kicked some ass here. I will miss it a lot in the US.

I feel, victorious; somehow which may sound a bit egotistical but, hell why the hell not.

I won. I won because I am leaving with great health; money in the bank, a new family and someone that loves me. And most of all, I’m leaving with a closer connection to myself. I am feeling more integrated (than before;), and with friends that I made here which I’m sure we’ll all keep in touch. I feel proud also because I met so many inspiring friends here who inspired me with every single one of their stories.

I’m feeling really really proud because of all the risks I took being here on my own as a single woman. I took myself to London, Dover, Belgium, Amsterdam, Rhine Valley, Munich, Switzerland, Innusbruck, Paris and Dover, Iceland and even to Vietnam.

I really challenged myself to do things that I would be afriad of and I learned a lot. I got engaged. I got married and moved in with the first man that I’ve ever moved in with. I went on a camp for three days with three hundred strangers and left feeling so much less alone and empowered. I showed my art with other amazing artists during important movements to stand up for equality; including Black Lives Matter. I tried to make a go at it at putting my artwork in galleries in the city; and failed but still it was an experience. I’m proud; so proud of myself for everything that I tried these seven years in the US. I hope that I continue to open my eyes to new experiences in the next chapters of my life. I hope that I continue to engage, connect and share moments with inspiring people all over the world.

Growing up; our family because of our financial situation weren’t able to travel much.

I know this changes with the next however many chapters that God lets me stay in this world. I hope that get to experience every single feeling and smell, taste, hear, touch and sit through every single emotion; even stress; the one that I try to deter myself from. To really relish in all the moments and enjoy the next chapters of my life. 


Wynne Leung McIntosh