Caetani Art Residency, British Columbia


Caetani Center, Self-Directed Art Residency
Vernon, British Columbia
November, 2017


The works that I made at the Caetani Center is a visual response to the love from the people that I was so thankful to spend close to two weeks with in Vernon, British Columbia. Thank you for giving, singing and rejoicing your love as it gave me an opportunity to receive it. Now filled, I'm ready to give more to everyone else. Thank you so much. 

- Wynne Leung

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Build Your Own Website Workshop


I hosted a one-day workshop to share how to build an online portfolio. It’s where I met Devon, Lana and Sarah. To build our websites I asked us to share our stories of why we make art and what we wanted to make online.

Thank you for sharing your super warm stories on your art practice; it made me feel really inspired.

I then walked everyone through a very simple step-by-step tutorial on how to build a very simple and beautiful online portfolio on If you're interested in building one as well please contact me and I'll send you a link to download a copy of the instructions


Works Created

Artists and Creators from the Community of Vernon

Manfred Harter - Dear Manfred. I'm so glad Susan and Carmen recommended Vertigo gallery and even happier that you were gallery sitting that day! Thank you for sharing your intricate and inspiring sculptures and really happy that I even got to see you perform live!

Melissa Woodie - Dear Melissa, thank you for encouraging me to not give up on wood panels. I was very, very close to giving up after day five. 

Devon Muhlert - Dear Devon, thank you for seeing me through the experience in the house. I felt so touched that the experience I felt was shared with others. I know, that we'll see each other again. Thank you for your book as well. It is wonderful.

Lana Schuster - Dear Lana, thank you for your exciting energy; you made me feel like it was home within five minutes. Thank you so much more for coming to get me to the Greyhound station and then waiting with me! It made me feel so safe. Thank you and I'm so glad you are painting full time now; your gift of painting is really spectacular to see. *big hugs*!!!!

Sarah Smythe - Dear Sarah, thank you for being so beautifully open with your feelings. I agree that we are in this together. Thank you for sharing your sweet feelings of being an artist and our shared challenges. May we continue to savor all our feelings.

Janelle Hardy - Dear Janelle, thank you for sharing your moving and loving experiences on being a woman, mother, teacher, mentor and sister! I feel inspired to continue to serve because of you. You are truly inspirational. Please, if you're willing count me in for your future residencies!

Heidi Thompson - Heidi, thank you for bumping into me in the bathroom and inviting me to one of the warmest gatherings I've been to in a long, long time. Thank you so much.

Carmen Thompson  - Carmen, thank you for the warm welcome and your smile throughout the week. I was always looking forward to seeing you in the morning!