Apartment # 2222

I'm feeling bittersweet tonight....

In a few weeks I will be transitioning into a new chapter of my life. That also means moving out of my current apartment on Market Street. I am really connected and love this place very much. I feel sad to part from her.

This apartment. I'll just call it "her". She, marked a significant development in my life because I came out as an artist here.

Parting from her makes me feel vulnerable and afraid that I may somehow lose that special part of myself that I worked very hard to find. I am scared.

During this creative journey she kept me safe and gave me everything that I needed to grow. 

She gave me creative spaces to store all my art supplies. Large floor to ceiling windows to show me the world outside when I was too afraid to go out on my own. She gave me warm and caring neighbours who I spent many holidays greeting over the years.

Throughout the three years we spent so much time together sewing, knitting, painting, drawing, molding clay, creating with papier-mâché and watching tons of inspirational shows on TV.

We cried, laughed and I felt so surprisingly supported and safe in this little apartment when I thought that I couldn't stop crying.

I will never forget you #2222 on Market Street.

Thank you for helping me transition from a girl to a woman. Thank you for giving me this space to create and make

Thank you for giving me space to create so that I had space to find myself through the arts.

- Wynne Leung

Thank you for so many firsts, #2222

Below are some of my favorite first moments in this apartment.