Rhythm of Painting

I observed today that the rhythm of creating is not present when I'm tired and I am often tired after work on the weekdays. I also ate a heavy meal and watched Project Runway Junior (everyone needs and escape and I just love these incredible little humans making beautiful garments). I observed that it helped me feel rested though not inspired.

As I felt more energy after a hot shower and rested more... At about 10:45pm I caught my second wind. I observed that I rested for two hours before feeling the rhythm of painting. Coincidentally a beautiful piano tune came on Spotify that I observed really inspired me to paint, so I am grateful for it. The album link on Spotify is here.

I also observed my improvements in practicing empathy, as I make an effort to capture other's emotions and lead with feelings (not thoughts) when I am in conversation with others. I observed that it's made me feel proud and hopeful for the work that I'm doing on myself. I also observed that I am developing more grey areas in my thoughts and beliefs.

Love and grace,