In Alignment

I learned from life coaching today to be aware of alignment in all my relationships. In alignment with who I am and what I believe in, today towards the relationships that I have today. Through meditation, it is true that I've begun to see things in less black and white and more of a dark grey and light grey area. I'm thankful for that, because in the past it was very black and white. And this change feels encouraging and hopeful. 

Another thing that I'm trying to practice more this year is my patience in art making. So, on a daily basis I will paint with no intentions except for the intention of learning through observing. 

I'm usually feeling pretty tired after work, which is the time I have to paint. But I observed that resting for about an hour helps. Also, having work during the day creates a tension that I need for artmaking. It creates a space between me and the art practice and for some reason when I come back to the easel the work flows better. I also observed when I paint and it's between 9:30 - 10:30pm. On some days it lasts till midnight.

Tonight, I struggled to show up. Lying in my couch watching Modern Family was just so temping, but I knew that I just had to show up and see what happens. My fear of wanting it to be perfect was deterring me from showing up. I ended up struggling to paint in the beginning (struggling is good too though, because it means that I'm learning); but ended up with quite a flow by the end of it so it was a pretty good practice.

More learnings!
Love and grace,