"Oh Hey!"

I was wondering when the paintings for The Inner Voyage would come to and end; and it looks like it was tonight.

So, just like clockworks I ate a quick dinner; grabbed the four large canvases got on both knees, unwrapped and stored everything away with glassine paper.

It felt so sudden yet so certain. This was surprising to me; because for a long time I felt lost and I still feel lost; but it's moments like these that I feel curious about what it means to be lost; as there can even be feelings of certainty within a lost state.

I began to practice on the next series of work tonight. They're large and small scale; combination of markings; similar to the markings that I did with the blue textile paints; but instead this time it's all colors and with different mediums. I got the four easels wrapped up, some nicer large scale water color paper, yards of craft paper and rolls of drawing paper. See what feels right; just like playing an instrument. I intend to just mark from my imagination rather than from images. See where this all takes me. Tonight I started on large kraft papers and I also worked on a few this weekend too and I've been feeling pleased from seeing how some of the patterns repeated themselves from when I first started creating. I am trying to make some kind of association? I'm feeling excited and nervous as I've learned that there is no real direction in all of this; I just have to make whatever comes next. 

So, here to the next series, I already have a name and it's called "Oh Hey!"; more on that in a story coming soon :)!