Doing Nothing

December 11, 2016

I learned today that I need a clear and balanced mindset as an artist because I spend a lot of time being alone in my head. And without a balanced clear mindset things in there (as you know) can get kind of crazy. Taming the mind is like trying to tame a horse. 

So, my new strategy that I am going to try is a "do nothing" day.

I work in design during the day and paint every evening. I love the tension that both worlds provide. I experience the benefit of how both the digital and the analog world actually in a very surprising way propel the other side into a farther space (for me). But doing that every night is not working. I am tired.

So, today was the do nothing day. A day to let my mind wander and almost rejuvenate; like reset. And gosh it was hard, but I am willing to try it and I'm willing to pivot and re-integrate.

I took myself to the Inner Sunset (one of my favorite places in the city) had a delicious lunch at Crepevine and chatted with friends at Crossroads. I just let my mind go on vacation for a day. It was difficult at first, but I ended up having a great time sketching, having buttermilk pancakes, sipping coffee and watching the rain fall down. 

I ended up having a surprisingly happy day splashing in the puddles with my awesome Hunter boots, bought a beautiful wool Patagonia sweater and got invited to a fashion show next Thursday. My inner artist is slightly rejuvenated!

Coming home, I did end up painting, a lot; so it wasn't completely a no-work day but I am trying. I will keep trying <3