Wynne Leung  Venice Beach, California

Wynne Leung
Venice Beach, California


My name is Wynne Leung, Iā€™m a Canadian artist currently living in San Francisco, California.

Three years ago when I felt the most lost in my life I decided to start painting again, hoping that going back to what I used to understand would bring some clarity. To my surprise it did. Making art allowed me to feel my feelings so acutely; and surfacing them created a space for me to feel and heal. 

I started to feel really curious about art therapy so I borrowed techniques from it to practice in the evenings. Somehow I found outlets that allowed me to create art from that space.

When I started to feel better again I wanted to build my art community. I found a new home on the weekends at Creativity Explored and also helped out with an organization that makes art with children touched by cancer at the Kids & Arts Foundation.  And once a month I hosted remote art making events in offices hoping that it would create space for us to self-express and explore our creativity together.

Through this journey of immersing myself in the arts community of San Francisco; I met so many loving and supportive friends. I'm so thankful for the spaces and teachers that made me feel like I mattered. Thank you for your patience and encouragement. I invite you to check them out below.

Creativity Explored
Kids & Art Foundation

Mel Prest
Patrick Dintino

Thank you for your time. To see my current work please follow me on Instagram.

Wynne Leung